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Feature Articles from the Horse Gazette

Pam has taken many horses to the highest, or Grand Prix level of dressage, including Pay N Go, her legendary leopard Appaloosa

It's very "catchy" - very contagious. Joy. 'Exuberant joy' is the best way to describe it. You can't help but become part of it. Horses pick it up and become happy and generous dance partners. Students pick it up too and seem to thoroughly enjoy learning new techniques and gaining insight about how to have a willing partner.

The 100 mile Tevis trail from Lake Tahoe to Auburn California, considered to be one of the toughest races in the world.
March Feature

Michele Petty and Kadmon - Texas Endurance Riders Association's 2015 Horse and Rider of the Year
Kadmon is a 9 year old, 15 and a half hand, Black Arabian, with a striking white nose as if he had dipped it in cream. Kadmon is the great, great grandson of Cass Ole, the San Antonio horse who starred in the movie the Black Stallion. Petty is a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer in San Antonio.

Originating in Norway, they are a relatively new breed to the United States.
February Feature

Discover the Fantastic Fjords at the San Antonio Stock Show
Norwegian Fjords Horses are a primitive breed that have existed for nearly 2000 years. Their black dorsal stripe that runs from their forelock to their tail, combined with zebra striping on their forelegs, are markings that further testify to their ancient breeding.

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