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Feature Articles from the Horse Gazette

Renowned trainer and driving instructor, Frank Luetz, will be on hand at Coyote Crossing Ranch of Hondo for questions/discussion and advice on getting started in driving, or driving lessons. Frank has competed internationally at the advanced level with singles, pairs, tandem and four-in-hand turnouts.

November Feature

Local Mounted Archery Competitors Win in Asia
The Texas team gathered their pennies, planned their travel, and off they went to begin an adventure that would take them to Mongolia, Korea, and back to Texas in 27 days. To say the trip was ardeous would be an understatement.

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October Feature

BLM Director Announces No Killing of Wild Horses In Captivity
Prior to the Sept meeting TCF learned that the BLM decided to drop Wild Mare Sterilization Research Experiments in which wild mares (and fillies as young as 8 months) would be surgically sterilized.

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