"Equine Extremist" (TM)
Tommie Turvey, Jr. Headlines the Equione Expo of Texas

Photo Copywrite 2005
Cresswell Digital Photography

Tommie is a second-generation horse trainer, raised on a paint horse ranch in California. Tommie spent his time growing up breaking, training and performing on horseback. He is the only son of a professional rodeo cowboy, stuntman, actor and Marine Corp. veteran. It was his father’s strict guidance and “just do it” attitude around the horses, which became Tommie’s destiny. “To successfully train a horse you must know how to convey what you are thinking to the horse in their language and in a way they can understand”. It is Tommie’s imagination and creativity what makes him unique in the horse industry.

An accomplished performer in many disciplines, Tommie works in all aspects of the entertainment and equine industry. You’ve probably seen him in feature films, television commercials, as a featured performer at dinner theaters, a specialty feature act at a touring circus, a main character in a wild-west show, to performing his “extreme” shows at horse expos, equestrian events, rodeos, fairs, and numerous international horse shows around the world.

Tommie’s partners and traveling companions are his prized paint horses. Pokerjoe has been with Tommie for seven years and has travels over 100,000 miles a year performing in front of thousands of people. He is the veteran of the herd, is a solid performer and “upstages” Tommie in the “Riding Instructor,” a unique comedy act where Tommie is trying to school Pokerjoe in the art of dressage. While just five and six, Joker and Ace, Tommie’s black and white paints are quickly growing towards stardom. Tommie acknowledges, “You are as only as good as your horse. With discipline and respect comes love and understanding.”

Photo Copywrite 2005
Cresswell Digital Photography

“I love what I do”, proclaims Tommie. “It’s great be able to play with my horses, entertain people, and make a living out of it”. Tommie’s experience shows it is a consistency in training methods and routine which get the best results. “If you can get a horse to trust you, you can get a horse to do anything you can think of.” His trust building techniques are what has enabled him to roman ride over a wall of fire, leap through rings of flames and in an amazing feat of courage and trust performs a death-defying stunt by roman riding his horse while he is engulfed in flames. This is a dangerous stunt, which has never been attempted by anyone other than Tommie.

When Tommie is not on the road with his own shows, he calls the WAHL Equestrian Center at Double G Farms in Sterling, Illinois his home. He spends his time training his own horses and giving private lessons and clinics to those wanting to learn his proven methods of training. His days consist of training people and horses for trick riding, team driving, and trick horse training; as well teaching the daily disciplines needed to have a well-mannered horse. In addition to his career with horses, He is a certified scuba diver, licensed hang glider pilot, class B skydiver, and black belt in Tae Kwon Do. As a member of the Screen Actors Guild, he frequently adds his talents as a stuntman in movies and television features. All of this experience combined enables Tommie to train horses and people in the safest manner possible. “Being extreme is not just physical. It is having mental focus, the ability to think under pressure, and see danger before it happens.”

Tommie has an exciting future planned for his company. His sister and partner, who was recently the quarter horse trainer and a performer in the highly acclaimed equestrian show “Cavalia”, is now back with Equine Extremist Entertainment on a full-time basis. “It’s great to have Karen back and work with her side by side. She is a top notch trainer and a big part of this company.” Equine Extremist Entertainment is now offering clinics to its line-up in addition to performing his highly sought after acts. He is presently working on training materials to offer everyone the chance to pursue the “Equine Extremist” in us all. 

Don’t miss Tommie at the Equine Expo of Texas, where he will perform three unique acts on Saturday, May 14 and three unique acts on Sunday, May 15th at the Watt Arena, Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth, Texas. You won’t want to miss Tommie’s “Riding Instructor”, Roman Riding or his Extreme Cowboy shows! For more information, visit the Equine Expo of Texas

Tommie Turvey will be staying Monday night, May 16, to do a ”HOW DOES HE DO THAT” Clinic in Joshua at George Equine. This is a terrific and educational follow up to his show. Hear how Tommie creates a special bond with his horses and how he makes having fun with his horses look so easy!  Please be prepared to sign up at the Equine Expo ONLY for this VERY LIMITED SEATING EVENT!   This incredible one of a kind clinic begins at 6:30 PM and should be approximately two hours. Sign up at the EXPO only. Cost is $25 each till tickets are gone.

Check out future performance dates, information, videos and other merchandise available on line on Tommie's website.

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