Fear Not! Horsemanship

Tamera J. “TJ” Rogers was born in South Carolina and raised in Oregon and Texas and now offers Rider confidence Training, Clinics in Horsemanship Foundations and Horse Trailer Hauling, basic western riding lessons, equine training as well as full-care board at Liberty Oaks Ranch in Liberty Hill, Texas. TJ was also the previous Captain of the Williamson County Texas Mounted Search & Rescue team; she also competes in working cow events.

TJ’s primary focus is helping develop confidence, safety and mutual trust between riders and their horses. While many riding instructors specialize in the mechanics and subtleties of correct and proper riding, TJ angles specifically toward mutual communication, understanding of equine physical mechanics, and the idea of combining horse and human strengths and abilities to the best performance of both. To do this she has developed a program that helps riders understand where they are now, find a starting point and then step-by-step develop working solutions to get them through their own or their horse’s fear and into a confident, communicative relationship with their equine partner.

Mark Wierenga was born in Hot Springs, South Dakota and grew up in Iowa and Wyoming. He spent much of his life working on such ranches as the Diamond H Ranch of Kemmerer, WY, Little Sandy Grazing Association of Farson, WY, GZ Livestock of Eden, WY, Kappas Ranch of Rock Springs, WY, McFarland Ranch of Sturgis, SD, Henderson Land & Livestock of Hyannis, NE and Lasater Ranch of Matheson, CO.

With his vast experience riding the “rough strings”, combined with an innate unerstanding of the horse’s mind and desire to transition a young, untrained animal into a confident working equine partner, Mark focuses on starting colts. Being in the backcountry with a strong of wild-eyed youngsters has given Mark a solid perspective of learning how to do the right thing for the long run, and developing a mount that is solid, dependable, and trustworthy. Mark has competed in English Pleasure, English Equitation and Western Pleasure; he’s also tried his hand successfully in 25-mil Limited Distance endurance with “Doc”, his 9-year-old Thoroughbred.

Fear Not! Horsemanship offers clinics such as “Improving Your Horsemanship Foundation”, “Horse Trailers 101” and “Horsemanship Equestrian Confidence Program.”

Mark and TJ insure the “Improving Your Horsemanship Foundation” clinic is fun as well as educational. Clinic #1 features developing communication and mutual understanding with the horse beginning in the round pen to establish leadership, set expectations and to learn how to be the person that your horse needs you to be. Clinic #2 is designed to dig deeper into developing communication, mutual understanding and a solid, long lasting partnership with your horse.

The newest clinic, “Horse Trailers 101” is a must for horse owners who trailer their horses. The clinic covers the evils of backing a trailer, trailering emergencies such as handling a tire blowout, and developing maneuvering skills. The clinic also covers mechanical issues such as loads and tongue weight, electrical problems and scheduled maintenance.
TJ has also organized a group of horsewomen who meet semi-regularly for trail rides, competitions and social activities called the Yee Ha Sisterhood. The Yee Ha! Sisterhood is all about mutual friendship and support for those women who love their horses and enjoy the western lifestyle. Whether you live on a ranch, board your horse, or are just saving up to buy a horse, and no matter what discipline…the Sisterhood may be just right for you. The Sisterhood also offers a Big Sister/Little sister mentor program. Sorry guys…at this time the group is restricted to only “Sisters”.

Mark and TJ’s horse training program is based on natural horsemanship principals such a those developed by Bill Dorrance, Buck Brannaman, John Lyons, and Mark Rashid. From starting young horses to bringing older horses alone, they strive to understand each horse’s point of view and work with the horse at their own level so they are able to become a confident, relaxed, interested mount for whatever future disciplines in which they may be trained. Mark and TJ particularly enjoy introducing horses to the trail and brush – creek and tank crossings, hills, open fields, and heavy cover – along with associated wildlife and livestock so the horse will learn how to handle each new situation with self-confidence.

TJ has begun training with “The Cowboy’s Clinician”, Craig Cameron, known for his humorous and effective training techniques and looks forward to implementing many of his training theories and practices into Fear Not! Horsemanship.

For more information about Fear Not! Horsemanship or the Yee Ha! Sisterhood, you can call TJ Rogers at 512-848-4765 or email or Mark Wierenga 512-848-6180 or email. You can also visit online at FearNotHorsemanship or YeeHaSisterhood.

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