Whisperwind Stables
Article by Rebecca Dabbs
Photos by Robbin Cresswell

Nestled in the heart of Boerne a true Equestrian’s paradise is ready to emerge. Sprawling over 16 impressively manicured acres the newly built Whisperwind Stables is ready to open to the public. The farm is situated amongst hundreds of mature oak trees and is reminiscent of an old Kentucky horse Farm. It boasts sprinkled, seeded, and fertilized fields, 2 barns, a round pen, and a full size partially enclosed, covered, heated, and air controlled arena, a guest house, a fire pit, a meeting room and a beautiful viewing porch that overlooks the arena. There is also a groom on the premises 7 day a week as well as two professional horse trainers/instructors who come to Whisperwind Stables weekly. The facilities are available for the public to rent and use for their equestrian activities and there is boarding space available for a very limited number of horses.

Whisperwind Stables is the realization of overachiever, Celia Higuchi. Celia is a wife and mother of three who has been a successful businesswoman, an active dressage enthusiast, and is the founder of the Moonlight Fund, their website is www.moonlightfund.org. The Moonlight Fund is a local charity that helps burn victims. Celia herself is a burn survivor. Her life has been filled with surgeries, treatments, casts, and pain. Despite the circumstances of Celia’s life she has been able to give back. Many years of her life have been devoted to helping burn survivor’s deal with their accidents, and return to productive lives. She spends much of her time volunteering on the Brooke Army Medical Center Burn unit. She knows there are many needs to be met, and hopes that in her lifetime we will grow to meet some of those needs, and in turn pass on the desire for benevolence to others who will assist in this mission. Celia began riding as an escape from the pain of her injuries. Although it physically hurts her to ride at times, she receives such peace and joy while doing it that she cannot give it up. Celia built Whisperwind Stables as a labor of love to this desire and for her beautiful imported Friesians.

Celia designed the barn herself with some very special features. It was created not only with the Texas heat in mind, but also with many safety features that sometimes get overlooked. The main barn houses 7 horses and has a raised center aisle with numerous fans pulling heat up and out, while either side houses generously large box stalls that are 14x14 and 28x14. They have solid sides and an open top with hand tailored iron work giving them a regal look as well as solid Dutch doors on the outside walls for emergency use. She has provided a full concrete enclosed washing area with rubber mats, a separate well-lighted fully indoor vet and farrier area, a cedar lined air conditioned tack room, as well as a highly ventilated feed room complete with a refrigerator. Celia believes that each horse should be fed according to its own dietary needs so she does not enforce a mandatory feeding program. In addition to these features she also uses fly predators to control the pest population on the farm, as well as pellet bedding rather than shavings to keep the dust and waste to a minimum.

The arena is connected to the main barn so there are no problems if the weather is bad. The arena can be used for a variety of equine activities. Currently she has a full sized dressage arena set up inside with a generous aisles on either side. The footing is immaculate sand that is dragged on a regular basis. The arena is completely covered and shaded with oak trees. The walls surrounding the arena are a solid 6 feet tall allowing not only the rider to see out, but also a natural breeze to flow through the arena. There are 4 industrial sized fans overhead and 2 heaters for use in the winter. This arena is suitable for clinics, demonstrations, schooling and training work, charity events, horse club socials, and for those who simply want to ride in the shade. Celia will allow riders to haul in and use the facility on a regular basis. Although you may bring in your own trainer there are two trainers who are available at Whisperwind Stables, Paul Kleaver and Reinhard A. Dorsch.

What a potential Boarder or user of Whisperwind Stables should know is this; Celia’s goal is to “provide extraordinary care for the extraordinary horse.” There are 3 dogs and 2 barn Donkeys that run free on the property and they are completely horse safe and sane. There are 2 barns available for limited boarding. The main barn can house a total of 7 horses. The smaller barn can house 3 horses. Celia wanted to limit the number of horses to protect the integrity of the pastures. She worked for years seeding, sprinkling, and fertilizing them and would like to keep them lush. There is a security gate and the property is completely fenced. You don’t have to board at Whisperwind to take advantage of Celia’s riding arena, there is a minimal cost to haul in and use the arena or you can rent the facility for your club or organization’s activities.

Celia is available to help you plan your activity and care for your horse. Whisperwind Stables is located at 39 Toepperwein, Boerne, Texas and the phone number is 210-445-0971 our you can visit Whisperwind Stables and Guesthouse online.

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