Incredible Equine Talent Booked by Texas Expo
The Equine Expo of Texas is taking place again this year on May 6-7 weekend at Will Rogers Memorial in Fort Worth. 
The Expo’s promoter, Linda Brown, raises Gypsy Cobs in Burleson and noticed that the East Coast and West Coast of the U.S.
seem to have a high concentration of rare breeds, sophisticated trainers, and unusual and exciting equine events. 
This information begged the question, “ Why not in Texas?”

Jousting isn’t just a spectator activity.

It didn’t take long to discover that there is an incredible, almost underground, world of excitement and equine talent right in our own state.  Last year’s and this year’s Expo have proven to be a goldmine of access to that very incredible equine world.  Some of the finest equine entertainers in the state will wow you with their performances. You will meet TV and movie star horses and stuntmen that live right here.  Did you know that the sophisticated and high technology world of cloning is happening now in Texas?  Come meet the company and learn the details.  The Olympic sport of Dressage isn’t only for someone else’s horse.  Come see our Gran Prix horse tell you how to get started.  Jousting isn’t just a spectator activity.  Come see the armor and watch an actual joust and learn about how to join in this exciting and historic sport.  Cutting and Reining aren’t just for men or just for Quarter Horses.  NCHA and a top trainer will present info to get you started.     Do you know all the latest info about worming and equine diseases and nutrition?  Are you sure?  Do you know all the latest therapies and ways to get the most out of your horse’s performance? Better come listen to our vets and sponsors.

The Equine Expo is proud to host the exciting U.S. Drill Team competition with twelve teams competing towards High Point winnings.  It should prove to be quite a spectacle.  Learn how trick horses do their thing and make yours do the same.  Come meet rare breeds whose names you can’t even pronounce. Have you ever thought about a career in mounted security?  Meet the Texas employer.     Do you know about Thoroughbred racing?  What do all those terms mean?   Why are you still torturing your horse by using a bit?  Come learn how to make your horse love you again by removing the pain and distraction.  Find out how easy it is to get the color you want in your foals by using a $25 test.

Do you ever wonder about what to do with that bag of leather called a harness?  Learn about different types of driving, driving competitions and how to get your horse started. Meet the attorney and ask all those liability questions.  You’ll be very surprised at some of the answers.  Do you know where the Texas riding trails are?  Come learn about development and maintenance of that valuable Texas asset.

And, as always, come and shop till you drop with some of the finest and most unusual vendors around.  You won’t see most of these items at other equine events.  Our charity, Wings of Hope Equitherapy, will benefit by a silent auction.  Additionally, in your spare time (ha, like you’ll have any!), join in “casino time” as we feature Blackjack and Roulette both days with incredible prizes.

You’ll be exhausted, but you’ll never have more fun out of the saddle. All the info you’ll need at www.EquineExpoOfTexas.com.  May 6-7 at Will Rogers Memorial, Moncrief Building.

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