The TexCelentes

A mixture of three European breeds—the Andalusia, the Barb, and the extinct Spanish Jennet—the descendents of today’s Paso Fino were transported to the New World on the second voyage of Christopher Columbus. Used as foundation stock for the remount stations of the Conquistador, they carried their rider for days over mountains, open ranges, and dense jungles, paving the way for exploration and conquest. Today the Paso Fino reflects its Spanish Heritage through its proud carriage, elegance, and natural four-beat gait.  The Paso Fino is portrayed by its noble appearance.  With its beautifully flowing, luxurious mane and tail, full forelock and athletic balance, it gives an immediate impression of power and grace. 

The TexCelentes is a precision equestrian drill team.  All the horses are Paso Finos, descendants of the first horses brought to the Americas from Spain.  The music and costumes are inspired by their rich Spanish heritage. Choreographed transitions and precise formations demonstrate the elegance and style of these beautiful equines. We hope you enjoy watching these awesome horses with their smooth energy collected into their 4-beat lateral gaits.

The TexCelentes achieved outstanding recognition with their performance at Reliant Center for the John Lyons’ Equus America in 2003.  John Lyons invited the team to join the Arabian Knights in Kansas City later that year.  Since then they have performed annually in Houston at the Pin Oak Charity Horse show in Reliant Center and at the Houston Polo Club for their annual International Paella Festival & Polo Espanol. In 2004 Breyerfest invited the team to perform for their annual convention at the Kentucky Horse Park.  While in Kentucky they entered the Mid-America League of Drill Team competition and placed 1st in the Gaited Division and were the overall Hi Point winner.  Perhaps the most challenging and rewarding performance was last year in the “Symphony of Horses” in San Angelo, Texas.  The San Angelo Standard Times called the event an “artistic triumph”. The horses performed to a live orchestra and precision, timing, and elegance was a necessity among the dancing spotlights and music.  The event was a huge success as well as a financial benefit for the San Angelo Symphony.

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