Aaron England and Michael Richardson join forces
to give riders a unique educational opportunity

On February 11, horsemen willing to travel to the K Bar M in Waring, Texas will have a unique chance to study with not one, but two of the horse industry’s most innovative horsemanship educators — Aaron England and Michael Richardson. The one day clinic will feature opportunities for both riders with their own horses and auditors. “Michael and I are very excited about working together,” says Aaron. “We feel our programs are very complimentary and, when combined, will offer students an intensive learning experience they just can’t find any where else.”
Michael, too, is looking forward to the opportunity to promote a good partnership between horse and rider in a two instructor format. “I think riders today are looking for ways to build their skills and get more out of their relationship with their horse. They may know the basics, and now they want to build on what they know and become even better riders. Aaron and I both want to give these riders every chance we can to help them achieve this greater level of success with their horses.”

Aaron and Michael both have extensive credentials in the horse industry. Aaron, the founder of England’s Versatile Horsemanship, studied with natural horsemanship guru Pat Parelli and became one of the premier colt starters and problem horse handlers in the Parelli program. Aaron also benefits from a rare internship with National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Hall of Fame trainer and showman Leon Harrel. Aaron then used the natural horsemanship techniques he learned from Pat and the competition strategies he learned from Leon combined with his own personal horsemanship style to develop a program that benefits all types of horses and their riders— but especially those that compete. The result is a rewarding partnership between horse and rider that goes from the recreation trail to the show pen and back again.

Michael, whose background is in the disciplines of jumping and dressage, has much to share with students on building a more connected partnership with their horses by understanding body position and rein and leg aids. He has spent many years studying how a rider can influence the horse in both positive and negative ways. From his personal experience and observations, Michael has developed a program that helps riders achieve a greater level of performance from their horses no matter what the discipline. In addition, Michael, who was left a paraplegic after a auto accident, provides riders with techniques that rely on better communication skills instead of physical domination.

Impressive resume’s aside, the goal of both Aaron and Michael is to teach riders how to get more enjoyment out of their horses. Since the two build off of each other’s programs, students have much to gain in a clinic highlighting the teachings of both men in one setting. The day will begin with a serious goal assessment involving all the riders in the clinic and then the group will break into two groups. One group will begin with Michael and the other with Aaron. After lunch, the groups will switch and then end the day with another assessment. The dual instructor format will provide students with a very fulfilling clinic experience with less down time than some other format

Aaron and Michael are planning to do several joint clinics this year in Texas as well as several individual clinics highlighting their own specific programs. They will also be featured clinicians at this year’s Equine Expo of Texas in Fort Worth, May 7 and 8.
For more information on the clinic or to enroll, call toll free 877-484-9718. For more information on Aaron England’s Versatile Horsemanship program, visit his website at www.aaronengland.com. For more information on Michael Richardson, visit his website at www.brokenRranch.com


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