The LavenderSage program, created by Lisa St. John of Helotes, Texas
An Amazing Natural Approach to Equine Health and Nutrition

The LavenderSage program, created by Lisa St. John of Helotes, Texas, consists of fresh fruits, vegetables and an organic herbal blend, which is specifically created for each individual horse to meet their metabolic requirements and needs. 

Lisa designs nutrition therapy programs for horses and has been educating horse enthusiasts for over 15 years on the importance of natural, unprocessed, chemical free nutrition for horses.

“There are many medicinal purposes to be found in fresh whole foods and herbs,” said Lisa. “Fresh raw foods contain live enzymes, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and hormones.  There are specific foods, which contain disease-preventing and disease healing qualities.    Nutrition is the key component in building a strong healthy immune system and providing a level of health beyond expectation.”

Herbs have been used by every culture since the beginning of time because of their medicinal properties. They target parasites, fungus, and harmful bacteria. Herbs support the immune system while acting as a defensive guard against harmful invaders. 

The correct combination and variety makes all the difference in the world to ensure maximum performance levels, optimum health, vitality, and longevity. 

Lisa does not focus on the disease itself, she focuses on the individual horse and their requirements. Since she believes every horse is an individual, a unique approach and nutritional attention is required to obtain maximum results. 

Although many clients find their way to Lisa due to illness or injury, she also has many who seek her Nutrition Program for their horses to maintain health and achieve those maximum levels of vitality and performance.

An ever-changing variety of natural foods and herbs are provided for Lisa’s clients to achieve these high standards of health and performance.  It is this signature approach that   has made her known and respected in every equine arena around the World.

LavenderSage Nutritional Management programs can prevent colic, enhance energy performance and maximize stamina, naturally builds muscle tone, builds strong, healthy hooves, provides strong, white teeth, gives the coat a soft, healthy shine and is an effective preventative against disease and virus’.

Lisa also offers, Equine Dietary Metabolic Evaluations, Equine Hot Stone Massage, and Rahseaka balancing.  She is also currently becoming certified as a natural hoof care specialist.

For more information you can contact Lisa at 210-863-2488, email: or visit


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