November 2010

The Dressage Simulator
Computerized Dressage Simulator
The Ultimate High-Tech Dressage Training System

The Interactive Dressage Simulator is a new computerized, pressure sensor technology that gives the rider invaluable information about how they are affecting the horse, and what the horse has been feeling. Details such as if the rider is sitting forward, back, leaning sideways, or not keeping a steady quiet seat; the strength and proper position of their leg and rein aids; the timing of their aids; all shown clearly on a big screen as the Simulator is being ridden. It is capable of performing gaits and movements thru FEI, including tempi changes, pirouettes, and piaffe. It is the ultimate opportunity for riders of all levels to develop their riding skills in a controlled atmosphere with instantaneous feedback on the big screen in front of you. How often have you wished your horse could tell you what you are doing wrong? Well, the Dressage Simulator will tell you and you will be able to change any incorrect habits you might have. This unique dressage educational tool will improve your awareness and riding skills significantly.

After hearing about the Dressage Simulator at the 2009 USDF Convention, the Education Team of Austin Dressage Unlimited, contacted Barbro Ask-Upmark of California, and arranged for her to bring the Dressage Simulator to Region 9 for a “Dressage Simulator Training Tour.” In October and November the Dressage Simulator will be offering training sessions at several locations in the region. We invite all dressage enthusiasts to attend, either as riders or auditors.
For more information, please contact:
Oct. 23 – 27  Kellyville, OK, Contact Anne at;
Oct. 29 - Nov. 2   Perryville, AR, Contact: Eileen at;
Nov. 8 – 10   Fulshear, TX, Contact Karen at;
Nov. 11 – 12   Magnolia, TX, Contact MaryKay at, and
Nov. 13 – 21       Austin, TX,, Contact Cean at

Watch a YouTube video of the Simulator here:

For more information about the Dressage Simulator and Barbro Ask-Upmark, please visit

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