Gary Douglas
Psychic, Channeler & One Wierd Dude

By Lyn Odom-Cherenzia

Phooey. Hocus Pocus. Yeah, riiiiight. That's what a lot of us think when we hear about someone that claims they lay hands on your four legged friend and can tell you their woes. But if you have ever been just slightly curious, or want to see for yourself what all the recent hullabaloo about animal communicators is all about, your best bet is to spend a little time in the presence of Gary Douglas and watch him "access" the "energy works" that lay within the being of your horse, dog or even yourself.

Gary Douglas, the founder of "Access", will actually lay hands on his subject to perceive the energies that create difficulties by going to the point of creation of those blockages and exercising those limitations out. Read that last sentence again.

Gary turns the polarity of energy from negative to positive, or from positive to negative depending on what a certain subject may need for themselves to overcome their trauma. For an example let's call the horse he's helping Patrick. Gary approaches Patrick, touching him and asking him questions aloud. Gary goes down a list of questions until he feels a shift in energy, this means he's on the right track. Gary is searching for entities that may have had trauma that they have passed along to Patrick. Gary can communicate with Patrick because he feels that all language boils down to energy. Energy is the primary language. Gary has learned to recognize, and teaches, how the shift in energy can be the answer and actually feels when the answer comes out to certain questions through heat.

"People and animals get stuck in traumas." Gary explains. Trauma maintains a sense of presence in the body creating behavior that is destructive or dangerous. Gary searches for this negative energy and takes off the projection and expectation of the negativity, thus removing judgment. "When we acknowledge those traumas that have led us to unhealthy behavior, the positive energy has already begun to flow." Invalidation for the job a horse or dog may do for you can lead to undesirable behavior.

Gary searches for that energy that is stuck, in the cellular memory, the point of creation. He may find it in scar tissue, glaucoma eyes, a bad hip or in the mind. "Anyone can do this," said Gary. "I have techniques I teach to show people that they are capable of doing this." A lot of what Gary teaches is unconditional love and acknowledging and validating what people and animals do for us.

Gary Douglas founded access in 1990, and he began animal practice in 1994. Access stands for access to love, access to energy, access to healing, access to all the doors this technique of healing will open for you. "It changes people's lives," says Gary. He finds it so personally rewarding, blessed if you will, that he has been given this gift to share. A gift that he's not so sure as to why he received it. But literally thousands of people have benefited from Access. Access is a set of tools and processes, which allow you to remove the limitations that shackle and chain your life. There is nothing like it anywhere. It's the weirdest, funniest way you'll ever find to get what you want out of life. [Sic] ( But the results are up to you and what you do with the information the energy tells you.

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