Rocky Mountain Magic at Double Spear Training

Magic, well maybe just a little, but if you could watch Dave Menegatti, owner of Double Spear Training and Boarding Center, you would see that it’s his great natural horsemanship ability. Born and raised on a 40,000-acre ranch in South Central Colorado, Dave’s western heritage has very strong roots. Dave started riding at the age of three and hasn’t left the saddle since. His family owned and operated ranch dates back several generations. The Italian cowboy’s grandparents on both his mother and father’s sides in addition to his father, trained horses in the mountains of Colorado. Dave helped them ever since he could put on a pair of boots. It was because of this daily interaction with horses at an early age that Dave really learned to communicate with horses. Few people are born with that special gift of being able to embrace the mind and soul of a horse. Dave is indeed one of those few.

“Horses were a part of our life,” said Dave. “Everything we did was with horses; timbering, haying, moving cattle – everything was horseback. You had to know your horse inside and out. We would ride so far and so long when I was a kid, that I would fall asleep horseback and fall off. In a 9000-acre pasture you had to have a special bond with your horse or he’d be at the trailer and you’d be walking. That’s when I really understood that you never wanted to force a horse to do something, the horse should want to do it – you should create the special bond through love and trust that makes the horse want to perform for you.”

Dave likes to train his horses by first creating a bond through a strong foundation of ground work and then he begins the learning process under saddle: “When I start them, I look to first and foremost gain the horse’s respect,” said Dave. “I believe you must establish trust and teach the horse the ability to handle his body and your weight before you ever put him in front of a cow. You must teach him to move off leg and rein pressure. This ability to handle himself will help keep him sound for future use. Once the horse has mastered this, then you can start introducing cattle or focusing on specific maneuvers for certain events like cutting, reining or running barrels.”

Dave has bred, raised and trained championship horses throughout his life, in addition to winning numerous awards on his own horses and competing as a champion roper.

“The horses that came off the ranch were unequalled,” said Dave. “Back then, we didn’t train horses for one specialized event. We trained well broke, using horses that could do everything and anything. Only later did we realize that we could take our good ranch horses and enter them in the show ring and be successful.”

And successful they have been. The list of accomplishments on horses that Double Spear has trained is long and their customers keep calling. “We want our customers to be happy and successful in which ever discipline they choose,” said Dave.

The philosophy of Double Spear is to create a partnership between horse, trainer, and owner in which all parties work harmoniously to achieve common goals. It’s this combination that has made the Double Spear magic.

Central Texas is fortunate to have acquired the talents of Dave, his wife Brandi, daughter MaLeigha and son Dawson, and that have chosen New Braunfels as their new home. Brandi is a Texas native, growing up in Austin and then attending The University of Alabama on an athletic scholarship. An athlete in her own right, with her years of training and working with Dave have combined to make Brandi’s love of horses a real asset to the Double Spear operation. Brandi also has a teaching certificate, which further enhances her ability to conduct riding lessons for all ages but especially for preparing the fun filled junior group lessons she conducts.

Just when you think it cannot get any better than a 14,400 square foot, state of the art horse barn, indoor riding arena, outdoor riding arena plus a covered roping arena (now under construction), add to the great mix an up and coming champion roper, instructor and horse lover, Brandi’s brother Ryan Nunez. He has added his skills and techniques to the Double Spear magic having trained and roped with some of rodeo’s greatest: Tee Woolman and the legendary Phil Lyne. Is it possible that this good-looking, former star wide receiver for the University of Texas has so much equine ability? After watching Ryan’s training skills and his application of them for winning roping competitions, you would have to agree; absolutely he also has that magic touch.

Double Spear offers full care boarding, riding lessons, horse sales, training and starting of young horses. The facility has a staff veterinarian, farrier and outstanding equine sports massage specialist to insure a high standard of quality care.
Magic...Well Maybe. You be the Judge.

Ryan and Phil Lyne

For more information on Double Spear Training and Boarding, please call 830-708-3482.

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