Terms of Use

Welcome to The Horse Gazette. our terms of use are simple, but we expect them to be obeyed.

  • We do not allow illegal, fraudulant, malicious, or offensive material to be posted on our website.
  • You must be a registered user to place ads on The Horse Gazette.
  • Ads should be posted in a category that fits the item for sale.
  • User accounts are allowed up to 3 free text ads to be active at any one time. These ads run 1 week. Users can delete an ad before the 1 week expiration by clicking on the MyAccount link and selecting the ad to delete.
  • Premium Ads (those which allow pictures, video, and are categorized) are subject to fees in most cases. Most ad categories will have different pricing options and will vary in duration depending on the category. Unpaid ads (for those which have fees) will not appear until payment is made. Use the MyAccount link to view the status of your ads.
  • Spam or other abuse of our site will result in the user account being suspended and the user's ads being deleted.
  • The Horse Gazette is not responsible for the accuracy of posts made on our site, nor do we offer any buyer protection or warranty for the items listed for sale. Any disputes over the sale of an item must be resolved between the buyer and seller themselves. We cannot provide assistance in buyer/seller disputes.
  • If you feel a post on The Horse Gazette violates these rules, use the contact link and tell us about it. Be sure to include the ID number and title of the problem post so that we may review it.
  • The Horse Gazette does not share, lease, or sell user information (names, emails, phone numbers, etc.).

The Horse Gazette reserves the right change or amend the terms of service at any time. Any fees paid for ads that violate the terms of service may or may not be refunded at our discretion.