April 2011

Danny Moore and Wild Conversion wins
2010 AQHA High Point Open Cutting Horse

Wild Conversion, a 2005 sorrel American Quarter Horse gelding, owned by Tim and Carla Brady of Pipe Creek, TX, is the 2010 High Point Open Cutting Horse of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). Wild Conversion, also known as “Boon”, is sired by Wild Thing DNA (by Smart Little Lena) and out of Dancin Lil Acre (by Bob Acre Doc). This award was also known in the past as the AQHA “Honor Roll Champion”. Wild Conversion is also AQHA’s 2010 High Point Junior Cutting Horse, an award for horses 5 years and under.
Boon was purchased on Valentine’s Day in 2009 at the annual San Antonio Select Quarter Horse Sale, part of the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo. The horse was presented there by Mr. Lance Shields, who had ridden the colt for 60 days, for the late Joice Heim of Gainesville Texas, the breeder of the flashy gelding.

At home in Pipe Creek, Tim and Carla rode Boon for several weeks and became quite impressed with his ability. At this point and on advice of East Texas horseman Mack Alexander, they turned to cutting horse trainer Danny Moore, of Moore Quarter Horses in Spring Branch, TX, to evaluate Boon’s ability as a cutting horse prospect. “As it turned out, Danny Moore proved to be the best trainer and rider for this horse--they just fit”, said Tim Brady. “Their compatibility and determination pushed one another to excellence.”
In a matter of months, Boon competed at his first AQHA cutting show in San Antonio at The Rose Palace, a two day, double-judged event sponsored by the Guadalupe Valley Quarter Horse Breeders Association. When the dust finally settled and the points were tallied, Boon had qualified for the AQHA’s 2009 World Show in Oklahoma City in the Junior Cutting competition. This was to be just the beginning.

In February 2010, again at the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo, but this time not as a sale entry, Wild Conversion was there to compete in the AQHA Junior Cutting competition. Finishing in a disappointing third place, many there were convinced that Boon’s run could have won the event. For this showing Boon accumulated one-half of an AQHA point, which would eventually become the most important one-half point of 2010.

At this point, Tim, Carla, Danny, and Danny’s son Clay Moore, put together a plan for Boon to make a run at a world title, the AQHA’s 2010 High Point Open Cutting Horse award. Weeks turned into months and wins were very tough to come by at the AQHA “cuttings” in South and Central Texas cutting horse country. But, Boon and Danny stayed consistent in their runs and the AQHA points started adding up.

During the middle of the summer Tim, Danny, Clay and Boon found themselves out of South Texas and competing in Stephenville and Fort Worth, in their quest for this AQHA world title. By this time Boon had accumulated enough points to have a real legitimate shot at winning this title. The other cutting horses contending for this same award were from California, Arizona, Kentucky and Indiana and all of them were taking their turn at winning at cutting shows in their own areas.

Summer had turned into autumn and the run at the 2010 High Point Open Cutting Horse title was now turning into a two horse race. Boon’s points stood him just behind a superb cutting horse from California, a red roan son of Yellow Roan of Texas, named Wyammy Matt Boon. Wyammy Matt Boon, a classy AQHA stallion, was being ridden by the capable trainer Art Grunig, and leading the points race by a substantial margin.

The show season was winding down for 2010 and it looked as though Boon might not be able to accumulate enough points to catch Wyammy Matt Boon. Wild Conversion had five shows left under five different judges and his task was to win them all. The pressure was on—Boon and Danny had to win five shows in a row to get the title. Danny, as Boon’s rider, stayed consistent and was focused on the difficult task of cutting the right kind of cattle, which is no guarantee in itself. Danny kept Boon in top form and the two proceeded to win first place at the last five remaining shows. With these amazing five wins, Boon was able to take the lead and win AQHA’s 2010 High Point Open Cutting Horse award with 39 ½ points. The stylish stallion from California had 39 points. It turned out that the one-half point earned at the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo earlier in the year gave Boon his margin of victory.

Boon’s other accomplishments in 2010 include earning the AQHA Register of Merit in Cutting, qualifying for the 2010 AQHA World Show, winning the 2010 High Point Cutting Horse award in the Guadalupe Valley Quarter Horse Breeders Association, the 2010 High Point Cutting Horse award in the Alamo Quarter Horse Breeders Association and Stephenville’s 2010 Quarter Horse Capital / Lone Star Circuit Cutting Championship. With a total of 46 ½ AQHA points, accumulated in 2009 and 2010, Boon is well on his way to earning the 50 points needed to be awarded the AQHA Superior Cutting Horse title. In addition, Boon is a National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) money earner. In 2011, Boon will compete in AQHA’s Senior Cutting events and also at NCHA cutting competitions.