January 2012

World's Top Producing Stallion
A Wizards Spell Keningtons Bailey showing off his skills

Gypsy Horses Always Draw A Crowd At The World Show
During The Fort Worth Stock Show And Rodeo

Never has a breed been so coveted, photographed, painted, and followed as the Gypsy Horses. This mystical breed, originally raised by the Romani Nomadic Gypsy people in England, with their long manes, heavy tails, and abundant feather, continue to stop people in their tracks asking the obvious questions, “What IS that?” and “What can you do with them?”.

This quiet calm breed, originally from England, is perfect for beginners as they don’t possess the equine traits of bucking, biting, kicking and they want to please their owners.  But in no way should they be considered overly docile and unwilling to perform.  The Gypsy people didn’t use them for much more than driving so it wasn’t until they came to America that the true versatility of the breed became known, and is still being discovered. They excel in Ranch Horse Versatility and can cut, rope, rein, and pen with the best of the Quarter Horses.  They are highly competitive in Dressage, Eventing, Driving, Obstacle – both riding and in hand, Jumping, Western and English Pleasure, and just plain trail and obstacle fun.

For the fourth year, the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo will host the Gypsy Horse World Show presented by the Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc. in Springtown, Texas, delighting audiences with their talents, beauty and versatility. With the horses’ calm nature, breeders welcome the public to photograph and visit from Friday through Sunday afternoon. It will be an experience you will not soon forget. 

The Undefeated Top Producing Stallion in the World
While there, you won’t want to miss visiting with A Wizards Spell Ranch and its owner, Linda Brown for an up close and personal experience with the undefeated top producing stallion in the world and some of his show winning offspring.   Ask her about her Stock Show “special pricing” and perhaps make one of these incredible horses your own. If you have any questions, Linda is an Gypsy Horse expert and will teach you all you need to know about the breed.

To see these incredible horses for yourself, come to the Gypsy Horse World Show at the Fort Worth Stock Show from January 27 – 29 and then in again in February in the Horse Center at the San Antonio Stock Show. More information and the exact show schedule are available at www.GypsyHorsesInTexas.com.