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Horse Rescue In Need To Continue Helping

Horse Rescue In Need To Continue Helping Horses

In a time when hay prices are high, Meadow Haven Horse Rescue, a 501(c)(3) organization, just outside of Nixon, Texas is caring for approximately 140 horses and donkeys. MHHR's feed bill alone is more than most mortgages running at $1,000 per week.

MHHR runs entirely on donations, and lately the donations have slowed down. Donations may have slowed down, but the animals don't stop coming. Recently MHHR owner, Darla Cherry took in three ginnys who had been neglected.

Horse Rescue In Need To Continue Helping

MHHR's mission is to provide shelter, rehabilitation and a permanent, loving home to unwanted, abused, old or injured horses and donkeys. Some of the residents may be used in MHRR's horsemanship program; some become retired companions, trail horses or are retrained for new careers. The horses are either adopted out or sponsored, they are never sent to auction or slaughter.

MHHR provides assistance to the local sheriff's department for cruelty and abandonment cases. They provide a safe haven for all animals that enter the ranch, and an alternative to auction or slaughter. MHHR provides shelter, rehabilitation and behavioral training when needed. MHHR is also a home to horses that are surrendered by owners who are no longer able to provide adequate care. As unpleasant as it is, MHRR provides a painless end for those animals due to illness or injury. MHHR also offers education and promotion of responsible ownership. There are also special programs for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts and other youth organizations.

Horse Rescue In Need To Continue Helping

If you have an interest in adopting a horse or donkey from MHHR, an application can be found on their website. After a horse or donkey has been placed, there is a probation period when the new home is monitored to assure all adopting standards are met.

There are many ways you can help MHHR. They can use more volunteers to help with feeding, working around the ranch, and grooming. You can also help by making a donation, becoming a sponsor, participate in the virtual foster horse program, shop the MHRR Zazzle store or support MHRR with the eBay Giving Works program.

For more information about Meadow Haven Horse Rescue, you can call Darla Cherry at 830-305-9031, or visit them at 3893 CR 444, Nixon, Texas 78140.

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