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By More than Five to One, Voters Say Let Texans Decide

New Polling Released: By More than Five to One, Voters Say Let Texans Decide

Let Texans Decide released a poll today that shows voters overwhelmingly support a constitutional amendment election on expanded gaming. The survey of 1,001 registered voters was conducted January 27-30 and asked the question:

"Regardless of your views on gambling, would you support or oppose allowing Texas voters to decide on a constitutional amendment to allow the expansion of gaming in Texas?"

82 percent of respondents indicated support for a ballot initiative on expanded gaming, with 62 percent - five of every eight survey respondents - indicating strong support for a constitutional amendment on gaming. 78 percent of Republican primary voters indicated support.

75 percent of survey respondents - and 65 percent of Republican respondents - agreed with the statement:

"Texans lose billions of dollars to out of state casinos, and are paying for the public schools and highways in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Texas could use that money to improve our own services."

76 percent of respondents said they have gambled, including 70 percent of Republican primary voters. Two-thirds of Republican respondents and the total sample support, "adding additional law enforcement to crack down on illegal gambling operations that currently exist in Texas."

Visit where you can find links read the full survey data: Polling Survey Memo, Republican Primary Voters Crosstabs, and Registered Voters Crosstabs.

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