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Gypsy Horses Join the Festivities at the 2013 State Fair of Texas

Gypsy Horses Join the Festivities at the 2013 State Fair of Texas

By Linda Brown

There are exciting new changes at this year's State Fair of Texas at Fair Park in Dallas which will open September 27 and run through October 20. The unveiling of the new Big Tex will take place opening weekend and new, educational, and fun equine events have been added each weekend.

One of those new events will be the arrival of the Gypsy Horses of A Wizard Spell Ranch in Burleson, Texas. As one of the largest and longest time breeders of these incredible horses, owner Linda Brown is excited to bring her horses and her clients horses to this premier event to educate and entertain Fairgoers about this breed as well as present facts and interesting trivia about horses in general. The Gypsy Horses' ridiculously long manes and tails and abundant feather as well as their quiet, calm temperament and extreme intelligence makes them a huge crowd draw wherever they go.

Gypsy Horses Join the Festivities at the 2013 State Fair of Texas

The Gypsy Horses will be at the Fair September 27, 28, 29 and then again October 18, 19, 20 beginning at 10:00 am each day and continuing into the early evening. Look for them in the in the Pan Am Barn and Ranch Arena .There will be several Gypsy Horse performances throughout each day as well as an opportunity to visit with the horses and their owners in the stall area all day. There will be stallions to babies and everything in between so this should prove to be an exciting chance to meet the breed up close. Bring your cameras as your photos are welcomed.

During the week at the State Fair of Texas the Dallas Mounted Patrol and their K-9 unit will also perform. More info and exact schedule can be seen at GypsyHorsesInTexas and

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